Posted by: ppernick | December 11, 2008

Cold Turkey

We took the plunge on Monday.

Simeon is now only wearing pull-ups for sleeping and underwear otherwise[1]

Monday, I came home with a huge amount of laundry to do.  He managed to get his clothes wet even wearing the pull-up…twice.

Tuesday wasn’t too much better, but I wound up not washing anything.  Got home, climbed out of the car and discovered I didn’t have the bag with me.  That colored my mood for the rest of the evening, unfortunately – sorry, Ari :(.  I then took Simeon with me to Fred Meyer to pick out more underwear since most of them were at school…we came home with Diego Baseball underwear – two of his favorite things.

Although Tuesday night’s bad luck continued for me[see previous post], It seemed to be a better day for Simeon.  Only went through two pairs of pants and stayed dry all evening.  Woo hoo!

A quick talk with his teachers last night and this morning clued me in to a potential trigger.  It seems that even successfully peeing before sitting down to breakfast and lunch, he wets himself at the table.  Strange this doesn’t happen for dinner and I have no idea how to change this other than potentially time.

The quick teacher talks also included a suggestion for getting Simeon to listen.  In order to get him to listen and obey, I have learned to get down to his level, make him look me in the eye, tell him what we’re going to do and make him repeat it back to me.  Hopefully, this will help them too. 

[1] One exception is afternoon playground time.  They appear to be putting a pull-up on then too.  They have been putting on the pull-up and then underwear on top.  I have requested they reverse that.  A) because the pressure from the underwear may be causing some of the leaking through pull-ups and B) I want Simeon to feel the ickiness of wet underwear.

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