Posted by: ppernick | December 11, 2008

Bad Tuesdays

First, I woke up late.  Then traffic caused it to take twice as long to get to work. The extra 30-40min was too much for Simeon and he was soaked when we got there[1]  – I had to change him. Discovered Caitlyn didn’t have shoes and that she was wet – had to change her. Then there was work. Not only pressure to get fixes for a site launched to production (that’s definitely not ready), but I keep sending the same bugs back to be fixed and continue to fend off new items getting added to the sprint. And to make it all the better, it’s my boss / scrum master that’s putting the pressure on me[2]. And there’s renewed and more aggressive pressure to start working on automation at the same time.  Then, somebody managed to hit one of main pet peeves[3]. And, to top it off, Ari and I have a minor dinner miscommunication – not horrible but it didn’t help my mood. Aaaaaahhhhh![4]

[1] Though maybe this was a good thing.  He really didn’t like the feeling.  At least I noticed this time and was able to empathize with him.  Last week he leaked and I didn’t realize it.  He had a melt down all the way into the classroom.  This time he knew I understood the problem and didn’t fight me at all – just walked – er waddled – uncomfortably.

[2]Hint to boss: why don’t you work on getting the devs to better check their work before telling me it’s fixed and ready to retest. 

[3] Do NOT try to explain something to me by taking control of the mouse – especially without asking first. I will not learn how to do it myself if you simply do it for me. 

[4] Whew…that feels better.

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