Posted by: ppernick | December 13, 2008

Little sister

I keep feeling that Caitlyn isn’t getting equal air time on the blog.  Simeon is going through uncharted toddler territory.  He is starting say things that must be immortalized and laughed at in the future. Meanwhile Caitlyn is going through all the stuff Simeon went through 2 years ago. 

Thing is, it’s just as interesting and fun to watch as it was the first time around.  The look of recognition when she sees Ari, Simeon or me.  The cries when a ‘toy’ is taken away.  The infectious laughter when somebody (generally Simeon) does something silly.  It all brings a welcome feeling of warmth.

In fact, the added complexity of sibling relationship gives it a new perspective.  I’m quite glad the two are so close in age.  Caitlyn seems to look up to her big brother.  She understands that whatever he’s playing with is the toy to have.  She tries to get his attention when he’s at the computer.  She laughs at Simeon’s silliness and actually seems to enjoy (at first) when Simeon tries to play with her.

It’s been fun watching for differences between the kids’ preferences and personalities.  Caitlyn is much more interested in using taste as a means to inspect something.  Whereas rug fringe would call out to Simeon, Caitlyn is drawn to the dishwasher.  While Simeon looks for drum sticks, Caitlyn prefers the microphone.

Then there’s her relationship to Ari and me.  I’m the one she goes to when she’s hungry (which for the bottomless pit happens quite often).  Ari is the one that can get her to bed with the least fussing. 

I may not post as much about Caitlyn (which I will try to fix going forward), but watching her develop is no less interesting and fulfilling.

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