Posted by: ppernick | December 1, 2008

Thinking Ahead

I will do my best to post about the long Thanksgiving weekend.  However, since I don’t have time to write all of that right now, I’ll stick with the short don’t-want-to-forget-this post.

Last night, I made sure to do webcam with as many grandparents as I could.  While on with my parents, Caitlyn was in the exersaucer playing with her plush ball while Simeon was dancing to music. 

When Caitlyn dropped the ball, I asked Simeon to pick it up and give it back to her.  He immediately found the ball, set it in front of her and continued dancing.  This happened a few times.  In fact, he even started returning it to her without me asking.  Finally, he picked it up and just before setting it down in front of her, he paused, set it on the exersaucer behind her and faced her her with a *there – I don’t want to have to do this again* look.  Then immediately went back to his dancing.

She continued watching smiling and laughing as he danced and the ball remained on the exersaucer within her reach.

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