Posted by: ppernick | October 29, 2008

Holding down the fort

This week, Ari has been in LA attending the PDC (Professional Developers Conference) and manning a demo booth for Windows 7 (I think).  In the meantime, I’m getting my taste of full-time working single mom.

Sunday: Ari left at the crack of dawn.  I think he was out of the door around 5 or 5:15.  I then went back to sleep.  Kids and I made it dressed and downstairs by 8ish.  Around 10:45 we were out of the house and on our way to the pumpkin patch. 

I’ll post more about our trip later when I offload some photos, but picture this – I’ve got Caitlyn in the baby bjorn, I’m carrying an 8lb pumpkin in one hand, Simeon’s Thomas the Train backpack (containing a few random small toys, a diaper for each kid, and the big camera) in the other and attempting to hold on to Simeon’s hand at the same time.  Now add to the picture that we’re trying to quickly get to the wagon to get back to the main area.  I only lost a lens cap – woo hoo!

On the drive home, both kids fall asleep.  Simeon transfers into bed successfully and sleeps 2 hours.  Meanwhile, Caitlyn sleeps in the carseat in the dining room for 1.5 hours.  Yay!

After everybody is awake again and has eaten a late lunch, we get in the car and head over to D,J & D’s house for playing, pumpkin carving and catching up.  It was actually this that prompted me to try the pumpkin patch to begin with.  It was a good thing because I otherwise would not have gotten out of the house until 3pm.

Monday: Caitlyn’s first day at the daycare.  Drop-off takes awhile and Simeon is not making it easy.  Strike 1 – I turn off the music in the car.  Strike 2 – I put the drumsticks down because we can’t take them in. Strike 3 – I’m carrying Caitlyn, so I can’t carry him.  Needless to say he was bawling his head off when I got him to his room.  Caitlyn is being very good but was not happy when I left her at daycare.

In the evening, I don’t fight the fact that Simeon refuses to eat any dinner.  I let him play on the computer while I give Caitlyn a bath.  He then comes upstairs and says he wants a bath too.  Success – two kids bathed!  Caitlyn doesn’t go down easy but I do manage to get both kids down by 9:30.

Tuesday:  Much easier.  Simeon, Caitlyn and I all ate dinner together.  No bath, but I’m figuring out ways to give Caitlyn downtime before actually laying her down to sleep.  Both kids down around 9.  Late, but I can handle that considering we all got home at 7pm.

Tomorrow: Taking the day off.  Simeon has a cardiology appointment at 8:30am and I’ve got a playdate (for Simeon and me) with some other families in the neighborhood in the evening.  Will attempt to find Halloween costumes for Ari and me.

Thursday: Nothing too exciting.  Ari should get home after the kids are asleep.

And then Friday is Halloween.  Daycare parade / office trick or treating in the afternoon, then a stop at Microsoft for trick or treating there, and then on to our friend’s house for a party.  We’ll see how long we stay and hopefully Simeon can go to the next door neighbors and trick or treat.

I’m not doing anything than what other’s have done before me.  But in some ways I’m feeling a bit like Super Mom right now – working full time and not only taking care of two kids by myself but I’m getting in a few extra things and getting some chores done. Go me!

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