Posted by: ppernick | October 29, 2008

Brotherly Love

Between getting dressed into pajamas and before the next step of the bedtime routine, Simeon turned to me this evening and said “I want to make Caitlyn laugh again.”  He then looked at her, said excitedly ‘Come! Come!’ and ran out of the bathroom – checking back in the door a moment later.  He was sooooo excited when she started crawling his way[1]

The two of them were playing in the upstairs hallway last night as well (same point in the evening – after pajamas).  I spent the time worrying Simeon was playing too rough (lightly pushing her down as she’s crawling then tackling her with a bear hug of sorts), but meanwhile both of them are laughing it up.

It was absolutely adorable to see them playing together. Wish there had been a camera upstairs to capture it because I really didn’t want to disturb things just to get some photos.

[1] A little help from me to turn her around before he peeked back in, but she did seem to answer his call.

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