Posted by: ppernick | October 29, 2008


Today marked another milestone in the life of Caitlyn Arwen Pernick. 

Big Milestone 1 was around 2.5 months of age with her first social smile and giggle.  Not to be confused with smiles before this point that generally are just an expression of relief from expelled gas.

Big Milestones 2 and 3 were both around 5 months of age – solid foods and crawling.

And while there have been other milestones such as rolling over, full-blown laughing, face and voice recognition, responding to her name that are all very important and impressive, the next big milestone is upon us.

In less than an hour, Caitlyn will be out of me as long as she was in.

Happy 9 months Caitlyn!!!

Hrm…now that I think of it though, she was a couple weeks early…so I guess I missed the milestone. *sigh*  Happy 9 months anyway!

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