Posted by: ppernick | February 1, 2007


It really is amazing how much life is just a neverending cycle.

When you’re little, every new movement or expression is applauded and cheered.  You get help with everything from eating to diapering.  You don’t just age from 4 to 5 – you go from 4 to 4-and-a-quarter.

For many, the same can be said when time catches up with us.  When our bones are stiffer and we can’t take care of ourselves as easily.  When we reach an age that isn’t yet a common age to reach. 

When we are little, we look at everything with excitement.  Everything is fresh and new and meant to be examined and explored.  At some point, this seems to stop.  We no longer get standing ovations just for taking a step or peeing in the toilet.  We no longer look forward to adding that next digit to our age with the same zeal.   We take all this for granted – until we lose it or realize how close we are to losing it.  Then every breath becomes sweet and everything and everyone around us becomes a gift to treasure.

I was reminded of this cycle of life yesterday.  Something made me think of my friend Mike and I remembered that the anniversary of his death is just a day away.  I remembered this as I was looking in my fish tank getting ready to leave the office.  I remembered this as I stared at a baby swordtail I hadn’t seen the day before.

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