Posted by: ppernick | February 9, 2007

Simeon Update

The boy is on his feet!  Just need to get a better video (I suggest you right-click and save target as…) now.  Apparently the whole walking thing is making daycare much more enjoyable for him.  The look of joy on his face as he wobbles across half the room is so infectious.

The hunt for a babygate for the stairs has just become that much more of a priority.  Not that we shouldn’t have had it already.  He’s gotten pretty proficient at climbing up and down the stairs.

This coming weekend is Puzzlehunt and our friend D has graciously offered to babysit for us.  Not just for the day, but overnight.  I’m most nervous about bedtime.  Once he’s there and mom and dad aren’t in sight, he’ll be fine.  I just don’t know how smoothly bedtime will go – or the next morning.  He’s not yet fully putting himself to sleep.  I generally end up staying in the room with him as he settles down in the dark.  Hopefully any crying that may erupt will not wake J.  Along those lines, while he generally sleeps the night, being in a strange place may have an effect.  If he wakes himself up at home, most of the time he will just go back to sleep — unless he winds up in a sitting position, in which case Ari or I eventually go in and lay him back down.  He has been sleeping later in the morning the last week.  That’s been nice.  If all else fails, Ari and I will at least be available to go over should he not willingly settle down – though I don’t really expect it to come to that.  Most of the time my worries about him are not necessary for any other purpose than to drive myself crazy.  Comes with the whole mom territory I guess.  My mom still worries about me.  If she only knew some of the stuff I’ve done…oh – Hi Mom! 🙂  *sigh* Even the daycare he spent the day at Tuesday (not his normal daycare) said ‘he got along with teachers and friends alike.  He’s welcome back anytime!’  I just need to get through this and see how it turns out.

Recent cute story:
Simeon spent some time with our friend C the other day when Ari and I had an appointment and needed an emergency sitter. Our friend C has two adorable cats – we’ll call them Jayl and Terck.  Terck is the outgoing one. He won’t necessarily approach you quickly, but he will definitely be interested in checking you out at some point – or at least won’t run away should you get anywhere close to him.  Jayl is a bit shyer.  He’s mastered the art of avoiding people – darting up the stairs in a black blur in an effort to get away.  Apparently only myself and one other friend have had the honor of giving him a body massage.  Well, until recently that is.  Apparently not only did Simeon get the opportunity, but he made good use of it and may have even made a new friend.  Terck, however, wasn’t so lucky.  Instead of a nice, soothing massage, Terck had to fight to keep his fur – fur still attached to him.  

Makes me wonder if Simeon knew what he was doing.  If he realized he could be rougher with Terck and still have future opportunities, but not so with Jayl.  I doubt it, but it’s nice to think we have a little genius.     

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