Posted by: ppernick | June 1, 2006


The above is another picture from our trip to Astoria last August.  This was my favorite picture of that entire trip.  The lone bird perched on a railing looking out over the river.  The reflection of the sun setting past the bridge shining through a window.  The slight hint of sunset creeping into an otherwise clear, blue August sky.  The shadows lurking in the corner, waiting for the approaching twighlight. 

Tegan Time
Tegan was a happy kitty last night.  I managed to spend some quality time with her.  She got a much needed brushing – and I think I may have enough fur in the trashcan to provide to some poor cat whose owner thought shaving would be funny.

Simeon Stuff
He slept!!  Last night we changed the bedtime routine.  In the past, the routine was: dinner, play, bath, feed, bed – where feeding usually put him to sleep and it was just a matter of laying Simeon down and closing the door.  However, it’s beyond time that he put himself to sleep.  We tried letting him cry a couple times within the last week or so, but after about 45 minutes, I gave in.  Last night, the routine changed.  The new routine is: dinner, play, feed, bath, story, bed.  Once he started falling alseep while feeding, I woke him back up for bathtime. Then, to calm him down again, we read a story before laying down.  He only cried for about 10 minutes last night before falling asleep.  He then woke around 4am, but was able to fall back asleep on his own within 5 minutes.  I managed to sleep from 11ish – 4am, then 4:15 to 6am and I feel so well rested this morning!  Please, oh please let this continue.

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