Posted by: ppernick | June 9, 2006

He's learning quickly…

I’m getting behind.  Here’s a family photo from a hike this past weekend.

Tegan Time
As cute as ever and needing her nails trimmed.  I think she’s just as happy as I am that Simeon’s sleeping at night now.  Although she walks right up and expects attention when we’re watching Simeon, her motor runs loud and clear when we go to bed for the night and she can curl up with us.

Simeon Stuff
The solids are continuing well.  We’re trying second foods, starting with cottage cheese (which he doesn’t seem to like very much) and next up is canned peas.

As my parents have been asking, yes, he plays with his feet.  Though he seems more interested in playing with them than trying to eat them.  I’ve never seen him open mouth and insert foot.

I have seen that he’s been getting to his knees a bit, but I didn’t realize just how close he is to crawling until I dropped him off at daycare this morning.  He was almost constantly pushing up to his knees and remaining there for a good 2-3 seconds.  He’s definitely trying to go forwards, though the most he’s been able to do is scoot back a bit.  Looks like Ari and I really need to discuss the first level of babyproofing.  Apparently there’s a 9 month old at the daycare that’s already walking (without having skipped the crawling phase) – please don’t go that fast Simeon!

And, as I noted, he’s sleeping the night!  Ever since we switched the routine he’s been sleeping through the night.  He sometimes wakes up once in the middle of the night, but usually will put himself back to sleep within 10 minutes.  I still wake up when he does, even with the monitors on mute, but no more getting out of bed every night – woohoo!  It’s really cute…after reading a book, I lay him in bed and even if he’s whimpering a little, as soon as I put the blanket over him, he curls up on his side facing the wall, pulls the blanket close and is calm and quiet – usually asleep in 5 minutes or so.

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