Posted by: ppernick | May 30, 2006

Ari's Birthday Gift

This weekend was Ari’s birthday gift…a trip to Astoria to eat at the Columbian Cafe.  A small place with wonderful atmosphere and food.  The above is a picture of the chef taken last August when we first learned of and experienced the restaurant.  From the picture, you can see where he cooks from where we sat for dinner last august.  I have to admit, I was able to enjoy it much more this time around, not feeling sick from pregnancy.  One of the delights of the menu is the Mercy.  You choose seafood or vegetarian, your spicy level tolerance, and any allergies — beyond that you are left to the mercy of the chef.  I wound up with Petrole (“the cadillac of sole” according to the chef) for breakfast, and Ari had jalepeno-chile smoked oysters for dinner.

Beyond our two meals at the restaurant, we spent the first day at Seaside.  A small town attempting to be Coney Island-esque.  As Ari pointed out (after seeing the 5th candy shop), if they ever stop receiving their shipment of sugar, there will be riots.  Sunday morning, Ari and I checked out Astoria’s Sunday market, then drove down to Manzanita and met up with D, S, J and a couple of their friends.  Had a nice lunch then went up to Cannon Beach, saw where D and S got married, then went on a nice little hike. 

Yesterday, Ari, Simeon and I went to the Ls for a Memorial Day bbq.  It was a nice visit and good to see the whole family – we got there late our last visit and the two kids were asleep.  It was also nice to see S and M again after not seeing them for over a year.  Hopefully, we can get together with them again soon.

Tegan Time
Not much to say.  Tegan definitely missed us while we were gone, but since it was only a couple nights, she didn’t seem to hold much of a grudge.

Simeon Stuff

Had to share this picture, as it’s my favorite Simeon picture from this weekend’s trip.  He was so close to actually getting water, though I think I’m glad he hasn’t figured out to bite and suck at the same time.

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