Posted by: ppernick | May 23, 2006

Tegan Time

Tegan Time
It’s been awhile since I’ve given Tegan some space here..she’s overdue for this kind of attention.  Hrm…as I look for a good picture of her, I realize she really has been sorely overlooked recently — this will definitely have to be fixed soon.

So…a Tegan tidbit:  A few months after we moved into the house, Tegan decided to start helping us with housecleaning by washing the inside bottom of the shower door.  I’m not quite sure what prompted this.  I thought there was a separate shower in the previous residence…but it’s been so long I can’t remember for sure.  At first I tried to convince her she really didn’t want to do this, but I eventually gave up and let her enjoy.  Sometime within the last year, she has decided the door isn’t enough.  She now goes for the shower floor.  Again, I tried to convince her otherwise, but to no avail.  It hasn’t made her sick yet, so here’s to cute cat behavior.

Simeon Stuff
I haven’t really provided a Simeon update in awhile.  We started solids awhile ago – first avocado, then bananas and a little over a week ago, applesauce.  So far the applesauce has been the biggest hit, which is fine by me since it’s the easiest to prepare (open can, dump in bowl) — after tasting babyfood at my shower, I’m trying to postpone any store-bought babyfood as long as possible.  Seeing Simeon’s progress in solids, we started having the daycare feed him solids as well.  Yesterday I dropped off some applesauce, which he ate in full by the end of the day.  For dinner, was a new food — pureed sweet potatoes — which seemed to do pretty well.  Since I’m cheating1 with this as well, I’m happy he seems to like it. 

I’m also happy he slept really well last night.  He managed to sleep through the 1:30 internal alarm and didn’t wake up until 4am.  Here’s hoping more solids is helping with this and that I’m finally going to start getting better sleep at night on a more consistent basis.

1 When I got to the store, I first went to produce and picked out four yams.  Plan was to make mashed yams for Simeon. Before I left, I decided to check out the canned vegetables aisle and discovered ‘Organic Sweet Potato Puree’.  Noticing it was closeout savings, I bought 4 cans and put the yams back.  Tasted a bit before feeding any to Simeon last night and gave it a thumbs up.  Yay for easy baby food!


  1. Cute pic! My cat does the same thing – I always assumed they didn’t like sharing a water bowl with the dog… but now it seems cats are just weird! 🙂

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