Posted by: ppernick | May 24, 2006


An acquaintance of mine has been trying to get a divorce for a number of months now…before Simeon was born, I believe.  When I last spoke to her about it a couple months ago, I was told that she had gotten him to sign some papers and that she just needed to wait 30 days for a court appearance.

Apparently there has been a change.

At this point, she just wants the divorce.  The kid barely knows his father because the father doesn’t seem to want to be a part of his life.  She also realizes that the father can’t afford child support, especially having just lost his job, so she is willing to forego child support in order to finalize the divorce and move on (admittedly before he starts taking an interest and realizes some of his rights).  He isn’t against the divorce, but neither is he willing to make things easy for her (if I recall, mostly to save face with family and cultural custom). 

Then the government gets involved.  The state somehow chose her case and decided she is due child support and until her court date (now set for sometime in December) she is forced to remain married to him.

Can somebody out there please help me understand this??  The papers are signed, the divorce could have been complete this month.  Then the government gets involved and says he owes you this, even though he can’t afford it and you don’t want it, and the court date to settle this is 6-7 months away.  Until then, you are stuck with each other.  I don’t get it!!! 


Tegan Time
Tegan seems to be getting quite used to Simeon.  Anytime Simeon sees Tegan and reaches out to her, I make sure to take his hand before he can get a handful of fur and help him pet her nicely.  Now, Tegan knows Simeon and is not afraid to walk right next to him.  Sometimes she’ll just stand there, expecting somebody to pet her.  Now I just have to hope that Tegan continues to remain in no danger when Simeon can chase her.


Simeon Stuff
Ari has been kind and gets to have bonding time with Simeon while I participate in Tuesday night gaming again.  After Ari shared the events of last night with me, I felt the need to share it with others as well.

Apparently, Simeon managed to sleep for a couple hours between leaving daycare, meeting up with daddy, daddy getting dinner, and then finally the two of them getting home.  Still asleep, Ari decided to just put him to bed, however he eventually woke and was really hungry.  Ari offered him a bottle, but Simeon refused the bottle, requiring solids instead.  Eventually, he started to get upset again…now he was refusing solids but still seemed hungry.  Then Ari remembered what I had told him the night before – after eating the sweet potatoes, he seems to need to wash it down with milk.  A little bit of milk and soon after he was out cold until 2am. 

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