Posted by: ppernick | May 14, 2006

Birthday Celebration

I’m a little late posting, but happy birthday Ari!

Thursday wound up being pretty low-key as far as birthday went.  We stopped by an art gallery to see D’s display and cheer her on – her first showing in the greater Seattle area and she had already sold two pieces by the time we got there.  Yay!

Friday night was the group celebration for Ari’s birthday.  We had 15 people (including us and Simeon) show up for dinner at Shanghai Garden – a favorite chinese restaurant of ours that Ari’s dad discovered.  After dinner, most of the group came back to the house.  When I finally came downstairs from getting Simeon to sleep, B pulled me aside and we set up the cakes – black forest chocolate, coconut, and mocha.  B then notified Ari his house was on fire and we all gathered in the dining room for a round of singing and celebration.

We haven’t done our celebration of his birthday yet, but that’s because he’ll get his gift Memorial Day weekend.  Since I know he reads my blog tho, you’ll just have to wait to read about it.


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