Posted by: ppernick | May 8, 2006

Just plain sick of it.

I wound up with a 3-day weekend…unfortunately, that 3-day weekend was spent sick.

Around 12:30 Friday morning, I woke up with Simeon crying.  I got him back to bed relatively quickly, but about an hour later I was up and sick to my stomach – and wound up kneeling before the porcelin goddess practically non-stop until around 6am.  It figures that Simeon would also have a rough night.  Thank goodness for Ari.  Thank goodness for C too, who was able to help us with some last minute babysitting.

I managed to call in sick to work around 9ish – probably only a few minutes after Ari had left.  Well, I called but when my boss didn’t answer, I sent an e-mail.  Thinking it was food poisoning, I thought I would be better by late afternoon and able to get in some work.  Around 2pm I felt I needed to get some food in me, no matter how much I didn’t want anything, because I knew I was dehydrated and needed some milk production to happen.  I managed to get downstairs, but it took another hour to heat up a can of soup…of which I could force only a little down even an hour or two beyond that.

I did better that night, but discovered after Tot Shabbat services Saturday morning that too much motion and I was nauseaus all over again.  With Ari not feeling 100% by this point either, we cancelled our plans to join the playgroup and headed home.  Then, Ari got sick and we had to cancel our evening plans to attend B & B’s house warming – not that I was doing too hot myself.  Funny…I get sick and wonder how many trips to the bathroom I have yet to take; Ari gets sick and worries about the number of calories he lost.  *sigh*

Considering everything, I figure we both managed to get a stomach virus and I’m hoping that it’s done with our house once Ari is finished getting over it.  Today was spent resting.  I was well enough to take Simeon for a walk, but that just about made me feel a little sick again.  How do single parents do it?  I have enough trouble taking care of Simeon alone when I’m healthy (and taking care of the house, Ari and me).  I barely managed to find time to eat anything for dinner last night with Ari totally out of it, me still wearing out easily and having a very bright-eyed boy ready to burst.  I don’t think I’d make it if I had to do it alone…

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