Posted by: ppernick | January 9, 2006

The year in review

Well, the holidays have come and gone – and a new year is upon us.  Last year went by so fast.  I recently printed out about 100 pictures from 2005 and it was amazing to see the highlights of the year.
The year started off on a good note.  Ari and I spent a quiet new year’s eve in a nice bed and breakfast at Friday Harbor.
January was busy.  Each weekend was booked – a visit from my mom (including an iced-out Oregon trip), a weekend at Mt Baker, and a belated holiday gift exchange.
February slowed a bit.  We went up to Whistler for a long weekend and then participated in Puzzlehunt.  The big news for February was learning that I was pregnant.
March, April and May were all pretty quiet.  Spent most of the month trying not to tell people my exciting news.  Once we got past the first trimester in April, we finally started sharing the news.  Passover came and went and spring was looking good.
June was wedding month.  We went to Chicago for Ben and Becky’s wedding, did a little siteseeing and met up with some Chicago friends.  We also received our new dining room furniture.
July was another busy month.  It started off with a farewell party for Julie who would be heading for library school soon.  Then Ian and Rebecca came for a visit – although they fell asleep, Ari and I learned we live walking distance from a very nice firework viewing spot.  Next was STP weekend – a 200 mile bicycle ride from Seattle to Portland.  Julie, Ben and Becky joined me in Portland – I was so proud to see Ari on the other side of the finish line.  July continued with a final farewell to Julie who left for Illinois and a visit from Ari’s mom and her friend, Linda.  And last, but not least, was the birth and bris of Jacob Leo Fleishman.
August started off with a vacation.  Ari and I took a road trip through the Washington and Oregon coast, Portland and along the Columbia River. I was really feeling the pregnancy by this time, but I was happy to make it to the top of Neakhamie Mountain. Then I had visits from Paula and my mom, as well as a baby shower thrown by some friends.
September was slow, which was good considering I was going slow…and considering the rest of the year would only speed up.
October.  First were the high holidays and then there was the rest.  October 22 at 6:28am marked the birth of Simeon Ryan Pernick.  Everything after that point was pretty much all about him.  A lot family came in for his Bris, including my Aunt Carol, Uncle Sheldon, cousin Paula and my Grandma Becky.
November did actually include a few other events.  A trip to Florida for the wedding of Ronni and Sly Bergeron.  Then a trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving with Ari’s family.
Finally December.  Most of it was spent with Ari and I on one side of the camera and Simeon on the other.  We came back from vacation to find our house looking wonderful with a new coat of paint and then covered with snow a few days later.  We managed to have a Shabbat dinner with the Goldmans before they moved to Florida.  Ari’s mom came to town on Christmas day to stay and help take care of Simeon for a month.  Deb, Sam and Jacob came over that same evening for the first night of Channukah. And last, but not least, we welcomed in the New Year with our friends.

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