Posted by: ppernick | December 6, 2005

A month later…

So much has happened this last month.  The big things:
* Florida: Ari, Simeon and I spent a week in Florida – I miss that weather already. Ronni and Sly’s wedding was beautiful and Sue Ann had a smile all night that just lit up the room :).  Both sets of parents were invited to the wedding as well, so it was nice to spend time with our families.  And, an added bonus, my cousins Stanley and Roberta babysat for a few hours in a nearby room.  I can’t thank them enough.
* Virginia: From Florida, the three of us went north to Virginia and spent Thanksgiving with Ari’s family.  It was a nice trip and Ari’s mom even babysat so that Ari and I could go on a double-date with Ian and Rebecca.  She’s coming soon to help for a month as I start transitioning back to work. Yay 🙂
With both trips, Simeon did a wonderful job flying, sleeping most of the flights.  We need to travel with him now before it gets too difficult.
* House: The house is painted and looks wonderful.  Mark and Alyssum stopped by the other day and almost didn’t recognize the house.  Thank goodness the weather has cooperated at the right times.
* Snowstorm: We got 3 – 4 inches of snow last week and it’s finally almost done melting away.  ‘Tis the season.
Well, Simeon is waking up…time to go.

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