Posted by: ppernick | January 9, 2006

The coming year

Now 2006 begins.  The first big event – at least for me – is going back to work.  Just a few days from now, I will begin transitioning back to the office.  Unfortunately, I will be needing to take off more time a few weeks later as Simeon must undergo surgery to fix his VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect – a hole between the bottom two chambers of his heart).  Assuming all goes well, he gets careful care for the following 6 weeks and then he’s better than new.
So…now I try to come up with New Year’s resolutions:
1. Update my blog more often.  I realize there are a few people who actually read my blog.  I want to be sure I keep people up-to-date with things – especially where Simeon is concerned.
2. Keeping in touch with friends and family.  I need to do a better job of this.  I say this often and don’t always follow through – but I will continue to try and try again.  As long as Simeon is small and willing to sit still in front of a camera, Netmeeting with the grandparents is a must.  I have friends, even out here in Seattle that I don’t see or speak to as often as I’d like.  I expect that the more mobile Simeon becomes, the less mobile Ari and I become – so the more effort I put into this now the easier it will hopefully get.
3. Meet new people/make new friends.  There are 3 circles of friends I would like to build.  One with other new parents, one with other Jews, and one with our neighborhood community. (Not to say they can’t overlap.) I’m happy to say that I already see one of these starting to form.  Ari and I recently finished attending a mediated group for new parents and everybody seems to be interested in continuing to get together.  I also see good potential of a nice Jewish group of friends to include Josh and Leslie, Deb, Sam and Jacob, and friends of Deb and Sam with a 7-month old daughter.  Plus, with two immediate neighbors that seem to know a good number of other community members, all I have to do is make the first move and group number three should fall into place.
4. Do more with the Jewish community.  Especially with Simeon here, I want to be more involved with making sure Judaism is part of our life.  We’ve gotten a good start with recent Synagogue attendance and getting together with Deb, Sam and Jacob to celebrate holidays.  Hopefully we can build on this.  Luckily, I have a husband who seems to want this as well.
Well…this turned out to be 100 times longer than I expected.  Happy New Year everybody.  Tune in soon for a Simeon update – though feel free to check out our photo collection for picures.  We do try to keep it updated.

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