Posted by: ppernick | March 19, 2009

Chag Purim

It’s a bit late, but at least it’s here…

A week ago last Monday night was the beginning of Purim.  Purim is a joyous holiday celebrating the success of the Jews avoiding mass execution.  It’s a holiday where you get dressed up in costumes, make lots of noise, east cookies and drink merrily. This year, I managed to have a costume ready for both Simeon[1] and Caitlyn and had made plans to meet Ari (and potentially his brother and sister-in-law) at the synagogue for the evening festivities.

The weather was against my plans.

The morning started off snowy, but not horrible.  At some point it had changed to rain and was even clear at times – such as lunchtime.  A bit overcast, but nothing coming down.  Within the time it took to walk from the car to my office, it went from overcast to blizzard.  I get a message from Ian and a call from Ari trying to figure out the evening’s plans.  In the end, seeing that temperatures would get as low as 20 degrees that night we didn’t want to risk driving on black ice at 10pm, so we just went home. I can’t tell you how disappointing it felt to drive home with the sun shining :(.

I at least felt a little bit better on Tuesday, Purim day, when I went to Simeon’s classroom to read a story called ‘On Purim’ by Cathy Goldberg Fishman. I didn’t manage to bring any Hamantaschen as I had hoped, but I brought along some noisemakers and the kids were more than happy to make loud noises whenever I said Haman.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to do for Passover.

[1] With the help of my friend B, I found a pair of long-sleeve spiderman pajamas, red slippers (aka Spiderman boots) and a red hat with think black lines to turn into a mask.  Simeon had no interest in the hat whatsoever, but loved the rest of the outfit. 

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