Posted by: ppernick | April 17, 2009

Long delayed post

I seem to be getting worse at updating this.  My apologies.  Since there’s quite a bit to update, we’ll do this in sections and hope I don’t miss anything big.  Forgive any incomplete thoughts or jumping between topics.

In this episode – Caitlyn.

She is not only walking, but she’s walking fast.  One of the teachers at the daycare refers to her as the Escape Artist.  About a month ago, she managed to speedily crawl out of the room when a mother came to pick up her son.  Caitlyn just zoomed out between the mother’s legs and the teacher literally had to run to catch up. 

She has recently moved up to the waddler room.  The first day went great.  I dropped her off in the infant room and due to teacher/child ratio, they moved her up before I even left and she didn’t even look back.  The next day, I dropped her off directly in the waddler room and she had a very rough morning.  It is now 2 full weeks since the start of transition and I’m happy to say yesterday and today were both extremely smooth drop-offs.  Which was very good since Simeon happened to have accidents both mornings and I had to run back to help clean him up.

Caitlyn has always shown a desire to take off her shoes and socks (which isn’t all that unusual for kids her age), but I’m happy to say she’s also recently shown an interest in trying to put them on herself.  She’s also very good about helping with coat, shirt and pants too.

The cutest thing she’s recently started is telling us when she needs her diaper change.  If you see her go to the cabinet in the family room and pull out a diaper, you know her next step is to go sit down on the changing pad in the next room.  Granted last night she seemed most interested in just taking a bunch of diapers over to the changing pad and returning for more.  You can never be too prepared for a diaper change :).

She’s slowly but surely getting more teeth.  At this point, Simeon had most of his teeth – or at least it felt that way.  So far, Caitlyn has 2 front bottom teeth and 4 front top teeth.  On the bright side, she doesn’t explode the way Simeon did.  On the other hand, she just gets grumpy and it takes much longer for each tooth to come in. 

While she isn’t saying much in the way of audible words, she’s babbling quite a bit.  I’ve started putting her on the phone with my parents and in-laws when they call.  Adorable!  Unfortunately, she’s quite upset when I have to take the phone back.

Other Caitlyn interests:  books, building blocks, whatever brother is playing with. thankfully the weather is getting nicer because she is showing that she really enjoys playing outside too.

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