Posted by: ppernick | January 5, 2009

Caitlyn’s Corner

Caitlyn is also getting big.  Almost one year old already…hard to believe.

It’s cute how she seems to idolize Simeon.  Whether or not he’s paying attention to her.  Whether or not he’s trying or has already succeeded in tackling her.  She is very interested in what he is playing with and laughs at almost everything he does and says.  In some ways this is bad – he’ll talk gibberish or be way too hyper and rough and her laughing is basically a signal to him to keep doing this.

Caitlyn has reached the stage of putting in and taking out.  She spent 10 minutes or so the other day with a bowl, a sippy cup lid and part of a playdoh piece.  I think she only stopped because I picked her up to get dressed for bed.  She also loves doing this with all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. Whereas Simeon focused on one or two cabinets (which is the point where I moved all of the bottles and kid plates and such into the interesting cabinet), Caitlyn goes for any and all of them.  We have quite a bit of babyproofing of the kitchen to finish up.  Ari picked up a couple of things yesterday to hold the two-door cabinets closed and Simeon easily pulled it off.  If it’s that easy for Simeon, it will be pretty easy for Caitlyn in a few months too.

She didn’t manage to meet my expectation of walking by end of year, but she’s starting to stand up for a couple of seconds without holding onto anything.  Walking is not very far away.  She’s already proven she can climb the steps and does quite well cruising around the furniture.  She especially likes pulling herself up on the trash and recycling cans.

The girl is a monster eater.  Although I haven’t seen her put anything in her mouth after a dumpster diving session (thank goodness), she has attempted to see if the cat food is as good as Maggie makes it seem.  Aside from not having seen her turn anything down, she seems to have acquired her brother’s love for blueberries and added on a taste for quesadillas. We ordered a kid’s quesadilla at Agua Verde the other night.  The kid’s portion was a huge half quesadilla and I think she ate 3/4 of it, along with some beans, rice, formula and a taste or two of Simeon’s soup.

We are officially in trouble.  Caitlyn’s first recorded word: bye. 

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