Posted by: ppernick | January 25, 2009

The family vacation

Trip highlights to write about later:

Realizing 9pm the night before our flight we don’t have Caitlyn’s birth certificate and still had almost all of our packing to do.

By the end of a day of flying: we’ve left behind multiple items for the kids either at home, in the car or on a plane, including Caitlyn’s diapers and formula and Simeon’s coat; worried we’d miss a connecting flight at the opposite end of the Atlanta airport and had to take 2 taxis to our hotel after learning the hotel shuttle had stopped for the night.

Simeon danced non-stop for 3 hours at the family reunion dinner and wound up eating somebody else’s leftovers only after the dj shut down for the night.

While waiting to get on the cruise ship, Simeon became a ‘man’ and peed in a bush.

Caitlyn started whole milk after we purchased a full can of formula and spent the cruise working on a new tooth.

After multiple notices that kids must be 100% potty trained to be in Aquanauts, we enrolled Simeon anyway.  By the end of the cruise we had 2 new pairs of shorts and a shipwide famous pirate.

It was absolutely adorable to watch Simeon play with a couple of local children at Altun Ha – running around, going up and down the little hill and holding hands.

I managed to complete the trio of items on the cruise ship bracelet: boogie board on the flowrider, rock climb and take Simeon ice skating.

Succeeded in my must-dos:  see some mayan history (Altun Ha) and take Simeon to the beach (the tide pools at Costa Maya were perfect).

Celebrated my brother’s birthday and Caitlyn’s birthday.  Although a little early, Caitlyn enjoyed a chocolate brownie covered in whipped cream.  She rightly covered herself in it and was nice enough to share with the waitress too.

Simeon not only watched a couple of the live cruise ship shows, but he did wonderfully – staying quiet, paying attention and clapping at the right times.

Simeon also got a much needed haircut on the ship – there was more hair on the floor than left on his head.  He shocked all of us when he chose an apple over ice cream for his sit still bribe.

After a visit with multiple grandparents, the kids received plenty of gifts.  We wound up purchasing an additional piece of luggage and shipping home 50lbs of bath products.

Although it’s not quite over, we’re over halfway through our 6 hour wait at the airport and hopefully we won’t have another exciting flight experience going home.

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