Posted by: ppernick | November 25, 2008

New Firsts

The development continues.

Waving:  While gathering Caitlyn’s bottles before getting the kids last week, I ran into J&T’s mom (J is in Simeon’s class, T will soon be in Caitlyn’s).  When I ran into her a bit later near Simeon’s room, I was told that Caitlyn waved to her.  Within the last few days, I actually saw this feat.  While on hands and knees, if you wave to her, she will smile and then (sometimes) raise her hand up as if she’s waving back.

Clapping:  Very cute!

On two feet:  More and more often she’s pulling herself up on anything and everything she can.  Still on track to meet my expectation of walking by end of year.

Teeth:  Felt something sharp this past weekend.  Can’t see anything yet (especially when she’s just as good as Simeon was at not letting you get a good look) but I can definitely feel a tooth or two coming in.

Haircut: Got her first haircut about a week ago – did pretty good.  From shaggy to china doll. I think she was extremely happy to be able to see again.


And yes, I did save some of the hair.

Daycare stuff:  She’s getting more comfortable.  A little less separation anxiety when I drop her off.  The daily sheet I get when I pick her up shows she likes eating – as apparently evidenced by Ari, Ian and  Rebecca this weekend when she probably ate a toddler size portion of rice and beans.  I’m sure being around at least one walker at the daycare is encouraging her to work on that.  And…just as her brother, she loves to smile.  I get comments on that (and her hair) just about every day.

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