Posted by: ppernick | November 25, 2008


It seems Simeon’s friends are already noticing his little sister.

First was his friend J who was putting on his shoes while I was putting away Caitlyn’s bottles.  Although I can’t remember exactly what his comment was, I distinctly remember him asking ‘why is she a girl?’ Stifling a laugh, I said “I didn’t really have a choice, that’s the way she came.” And he simply replied, “oh.”  His mom was also amused and noted that he does only have brothers.

Then, it was Simeon’s friend L.  As Simeon and I were getting ready to leave, L let me know that he liked Caitlyn’s hair.  Running into his mom a week ago yesterday, I do remember her telling me that L was talking about Caitlyn’s hair over the weekend.

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