Posted by: ppernick | October 27, 2008

Simeon's Birthday

I meant to post a happy birthday to Simeon last wednesday, but…well…yeah.

3 years old already.  No idea how the time passed by so quickly but he’s definitely a 3 year old.

We held his birthday party at Tot Spot Cafe in Woodinville.  Awesome!  Aside from everybody having a good time, the owner was super nice and the initial cost includes everything (cupcakes, kid food and goody-bags) except food for adults, which they also provide[1].  One boy was reluctant to come that morning and then put up a fight when it was time to leave. 

When visiting Tot Spot Cafe previously to check things out and talk with the owner, we figured it would be better to just let the kids play the whole time rather than trying anything formal.  Apparently, one family brought in a magician or something and only one or two kids were interested.  We gathered everybody up for blowing out candles and opened up one representative gift, but otherwise left it to free play.  To be diplomatic, we gave him mommy, daddy and Caitlyn’s gift – a soccer ball and plastic cones.  He was more than happy.  He’s played with them pretty much everyday since then. 

I have to say, he’s getting quite good at ball control.  We’ve taken the ball and cones to the playground across the street a couple times and getting him to put his hands in his pockets seems the best way to prevent him from just picking up the ball and placing it somewhere.  He’s getting to be a pro and standing the cones up using only his feet.

[1] Since it was a mid-morning party, we ordered fruit and an open beverage bar for the adults.  The owner’s mother decided to make coffee cake so it was a really nice (and delicious) add on.

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