Posted by: ppernick | October 28, 2008

Grandparent Visits

So the family has come and gone. 

Ari’s mom and her friend Miss L came for an extra long weekend.  I can’t thank them enough for watching Caitlyn and helping unbox and rearrange Simeon’s room.  It is absolutely wonderful to walk into his room in the middle of the night and not worry I’m going to bump into something.  The one thing I do regret is not managing to get a birthday cake and celebrate Simeon’s birthday a bit early while they were here.

Then, my parents came in for a week. They took babysitting duties of Caitlyn in between the neighborhood babysitter and the downstairs daycare.  Thank you!  It was a wonderful visit and I was even able to take off a day from work. Simeon finally warmed up enough to hug and kiss Bubbe and P-pa (as he calls them) the night before they left.

My parents left on Saturday morning.  Next Uncle I and Aunt R move out here within the next month or so.  Then, we see a everybody in January – the 100th Pernick reunion is in FL over MLK weekend. My parents and brother will then come down to join Ari’s parents, Ari’s brother and sister-in-law, and the four of us for a Western Caribbean cruise.

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