Posted by: ppernick | August 4, 2008

Catching Simeon by Surprise

The usual bedtime routine is:  get into pajamas, cup of milk with a show, then brush teeth, and a story in bed.  Most often I leave a light on so he can read some more before falling asleep.

Tonite, he wanted a book that I thought may fall apart if he slept with it.  Trying to get him interested in a different book failed.  I wound up turning on music, turning off the night and leaving a crying boy (for a crying girl downstairs).

As I grabbed Caitlyn, Ari went upstairs.  And then amazingly came back down relatively quickly.  How did he get Simeon calm so quickly?

Apparently, he walked into the room yawning, said “I’m tired” and climbed into Simeon’s bed.  Simeon was at a loss for words.  Then, Ari asked about his weekend and talked for a couple minutes before saying good night.

I, too, was at a loss for words.  The creativity of my husband continues to amaze me.


  1. LOL, score one for Ari! And such a simple plan too.

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