Posted by: ppernick | August 9, 2008

Going back to normal – kinda

This past week has been Ari’s last week of paternity leave – though he only spent half that time with his daughter.  His boss sent him to BlackHat – a security conference in Vegas – for a couple days.

I’m happy to say I survived my first multiple-day period alone with two children.  I’m always nervous that Simeon’s energy and toddlerness will make it difficult to watch both of them – especially when I’m feeding Caitlyn.  Thankfully, this first trip didn’t span a weekend or holiday; so I only had to worry about the evenings. In fact, I actually think I could survive a trip now.  It helps that Caitlyn is starting to eat solids, so I can much more easily get to Simeon if necessary.

During this period, I discovered again the joy of having a boy who tries to be a good big brother.  The three of us were sitting in the backyard and Simeon was blowing bubbles.  After agreeing to let me have a turn, he said it was Caitlyn’s turn and pushed the bubble stick near her.  He then continued to take turns with her until we were done blowing bubbles.  yay!

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