Posted by: ppernick | February 27, 2008

First day solo

On the one hand, Sunday was my first solo day – mother-in-law left late Saturday night and Ari was biking Chilly Hilly all day Sunday.  However, my friend D came over with her son J. So I wasn’t totally alone, which I am completely grateful for.

Then, Monday, Simeon went to daycare.

So we’re now at Tuesday – just me and 2 kids.  I at least managed to survive to get to the good part.

The hard parts:

  • Early morning and long night – Caitlyn must have thought it was daytime.  Woke at 1:30 and didn’t go back down for any length of time until about 5am or later.  Simeon came in the room his usual time – around 630.
  • Library – Took Simeon for storytime but wish I’d realized I didn’t have to go into the library for it.  Aside from chasing him around the library carrying Caitlyn in a carseat, he was NOT happy when I took him out to the storytime area.
  • Naptime – Simeon was falling asleep as we pulled into the garage.  Quick lunch and easy nap…right?  After waking and feeding Caitlyn and letting Simeon watch Sesame Street during that…I thought I’d manage a decent nap.  Until I found myself still fighting Simeon 1.5 hours later.  Then, once he managed to go down, Caitlyn woke up.  She then managed to stay up for about 2.5 hours (Simeon napped for 2 hours).

The good:

  • Potty training – Seems Simeon knows what the toilet is for.  In an effort to avoid nap, Simeon claimed he needed to poop and wanted to sit on the potty.  I bit twice – wanting to encourage that behavior.  And he did in fact sit on the potty longer than he usually does.
  • Potty training (part 2) – Ari took him up for a bath tonite and as we usually do before a bath, offered the potty.  He peed on the potty!!  Woohoo!
  • Day/Night correction? – Caitlyn was up a lot today.  2.5 hours in the afternoon and then another couple hours at night.  Here’s hoping I actually get to sleep tonite.
  • Playdate – Ran into a neighbor walking with her kids this afternoon and it sounds like we’re getting together next week.  Apparently the Issaquah Community Center sets up a gym and lets toddlers run loose for $1.
  • Dinner – tried a new recipe for dinner.  Parmesean encrusted Halibut with Ginger carrots.  Simeon actually loved the carrots and Ari and I both liked the fish as well.  Quick, easy and definitely repeatable.


  1. The Parmesean encrusted halibut with ginger carrots was quick AND easy? Send me the recipe please =)

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