Posted by: ppernick | March 5, 2008

stuff to share

Dinner tonite came together really well.  Halibut and capers, cous cous and ginger carrots.  All cooked and ready for serving within half-an-hour. A good sign when your son not only eats some chicken and pasta, but then doesn’t stop eating the cous cous and carrots.  Even better is when your husband, done with his dinner, sneaks a bit off your son’s plate.


Bought a double stroller over the weekend courtesy of Craigslist.  Worked out well today for a walk to the coffee shop and back – with time allowed for Simeon to play.  Got home just as it started to sprinkle.


Simeon’s vocabulary is really increasing.  He’s doing great with two and three word sentences.  Phrases like ‘this way!’ and ‘more rice’ then corrected to include please when requested.


I should go weigh Caitlyn…she’s definitely growing and its another month before her next doctor visit.


Simeon is such a good big brother.  Asks to hold Caitlyn. Tries to give her a pacifier. Rocks her when she’s in the carseat.  Even helped me carry her in the carseat to the car from daycare yesterday.


I know there’s more, but that’s what I can think of right now.

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