Posted by: ppernick | October 9, 2007

Where are the days going?

Wow, the last week has just zipped by.

Flying with Simeon turned out to be pretty much as expected.  Over-worried about packing and making the flight.  MIL called at 3am. Even with laying back down for 30 minutes and finding my normal parking location closed I was there on time.  Though, that extra 30 minutes would have been just enough time to let Simeon run a little bit before boarding.

Overall he did great for being a 2 year-old flying cross-country.  Portable DVD player was money well spent.  On the way to Virginia it wasn’t fully charged.  Thankfully I had my laptop as a backup and I was able to let the dvd player charge a bit more before the second flight.  Bad thing about that was being tethered to the wall.  Simeon was only able to run a bit, not nearly as much as he (or I) would have liked.  He started with running to the edge of the carpet and back – squealing with joy when I opened my arms in anticipation of his return.  It became more difficult when he started going beyond the carpet.  I had to go get him and bring back a whining boy.  After catching this one lady’s glare, she then tried saying “shh”.  Hah!  I kinda wish she’d said the one more word it would have taken to get me to respond.  And let me tell you…I was ready to respond.

On the way back from Virginia, the DVD player was fully charged but still didn’t last and the laptop saved the day yet again.  At the very least, we need a second battery for that thing.

And of course, also as expected, descent was the hardest part.  Have to turn off the dvd and any other music device, can’t get up and go anywhere, can’t play with the tray. And of course, when he’s interested in something, most other things are unacceptable replacements (including the usual book ).  For the final flight back home, he was actually asleep during the descent.  I thought this would make it easier but instead it was just different.  Enough bumping and I think it wound up being something of a nightmare for him.  He never opened his eyes but he cried almost the entire time.  I eventually sat him in my lap and that seemed to console him.

The weekend trip went fast.  What I remember:

  • Thursday night, when Ari got to his parents’ we had dinner and a birthday cake (ice cream cake!  Happy Birthday to Me!)
  • Friday night, I can’t remember a single thing from the day, other than meeting our new cat Maggie. I do remember having the opportunity to out with my husband in the evening though. Ari and I went out after dinner with I (Ari’s brother), his fiancee and some of their friends for coffee and dessert.
  • Saturday, saw where I and R will be getting married and then met my cousin and 3 of her kids for an afternoon in the city.
  • Sunday, spent the day at the zoo with I, R, and Ari’s dad.
  • Monday, Simeon got a haircut before we headed to the airport.

Simeon never adjusted to the time zone change, so getting back on schedule when we got home was pretty easy. He did wake up that first night back home, but otherwise it was normal routine pretty quickly.

Good trip, but I think I needed at least another day or two the next time we go.

Pictures will be posted soon…

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