Posted by: ppernick | September 26, 2007

Nerves + Hormones = STRESS!

Dropped Ari off at the airport this morning before heading to daycare and work.  If only I’d realized my vacation situation earlier. I would have flown with Ari and just come back early.  Instead, I will be spending my birthday (Thursday) waking up at 3am and flying with Simeon cross-country to DC without the help of my husband.

To be honest, I’m not nervous about flying with Simeon.  He’s generally a good kid.  He’ll watch his Wonder Pets and Animusic and be just fine. He might pull out some of my hair.  And he will probably get upset when I have to turn off the DVD player for landing, but otherwise I don’t expect too many problems. 

It’s the preparation that has me worried.  

The biggest thing is getting to the airport. I’ve asked my mother-in-law to give me a wake up call.  Not only is she already up by then (6am eastern time), but I figure she has good reason to make sure I don’t…er…Simeon doesn’t miss the flight. 

Other than that it’s just making sure everything else gets packed…without staying up all night Wednesday.  I sent most of my clothes with Ari.  So it’s pretty much just Simeon’s stuff that’s needs to get packed.   I plan to get that done tonite – earliest I’ve EVER packed for a vacation.  If all goes well, I hope to only have to navigate the airport with one small suitcase, a big backpack (carryon/diaperbag in one), a stroller and a toddler.


I have to stop by Target to pick up a couple things.  Maybe I’ll see if they have a small backpack Simeon-size.  I can put in his toys and possibly snacks (if that doesn’t make it too heavy) and everything else should easily fit in my bag.  A present for the trip and he can feel like a big boy with a backpack just like mommy and daddy use.

But wait…there’s more! 

Simeon’s birthday is coming up.  I have finally resigned myself to having his kids party at the house.  Not that I really want to.  The idea of a bunch of 2 year olds running around my house kinda scares me.  However, I can’t count on weather to host it at a park shelter, I don’t think a restaurant would work well for his age, and all the places I’ve contacted/researched cost minimum of $150 (and once you add on food, goodybags, and paper products you’re up to about $100 for every year of his life!)

The part stressing me out right now is that the party for the kids is just over 2 weeks away and I need to get invitations out.  In fact, I need to get them to the daycare tomorrow before I go out of town.

So in order:

1. First stress about invitations

2. Then stress about getting ready and to the airport on time

3. Finally, I can focus my stress on a party theme and what I can do to help protect Tegan, Magpie (potentially a second cat joining our household), and of course, my house, from a gang of 2 year olds bent on running around and being toddlers.

*Sigh*  Oh, I can’t wait until October 15.  Party is over and I’m on a week’s vacation from work while my family is in town.

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