Posted by: ppernick | September 6, 2007


I don’t get it. 

Simeon is generally a good boy.  He helps pick up his toys.  Does a good job of self-entertaining. And though he does try to test the limits, generally stays pretty close when we go for walks.  Even reaching out for my hand quite often.

What I don’t understand is his hitting and kicking…me.  The daycare teachers haven’t seen him exhibit this behavior.  He sometimes hits daddy or kicks at Tegan, but for the most part he aims for me.

I really have no idea where this behavior is coming from.  Neither Ari or I have led by example here.

And it isn’t that I’m surprised that he’s hitting and kicking in general.  He’s a toddler.  Testing his boundaries.  I may not like it, but I’m pretty sure it’s something all/most kids go through.  It’s the difference in behavior around me versus others that has me confused.

I’ve tried to steer him towards a ball when he’s kicking or his drum when he’s hitting. And while that works a bit, it doesn’t stop him from coming for me again later.  And he’s beyond the stage of mere distraction to change his behavior.

I spent pretty much an entire morning this past weekend putting him in time out for kicking Tegan. 

I think part of the problem is that he views time out like a game.  As soon as I leave his side (even to set the timer), he stands up on the chair.  At one point, I just spent some time forcing him to sit down – not counting it towards time out.  Eventually, he seemed to get the idea and sat in the chair for his full time out.  Multiple time outs actually – since as soon as it was over he’d go find Tegan again.  Unfortunately, later in the day, when he was hitting mommy he was back to standing up.  And this time holding him down didn’t have the same effect.

Do I continue to just stand near him, forcing him to sit down and staying just out of reach of a hug?  Do I just spend 4 or 5 hours of the day continously sitting him back down until he finally stays – as SuperNanny so often has parent do?

I don’t want to go the route of spanking.  Telling him that hitting or kicking people is bad and then hitting him just seems a bit hypocritical.  But I’m quickly running out of ideas. 

At least he’s not hitting the other kids at daycare.

Well, except for Keiden.  Simeon and Keiden both started in the same infant room and have transitioned to the next rooms together.  Apparently over the past year and a half, Simeon and Keiden have developed a close and very interesting friendship.  They make each other mad and immediately start laughing.  A couple days ago I was told they were wrestling.  The teacher looked over and the two of them were rolling on the floor.  One would cry for a brief second and then they’d both start giggling.  In fact, the teacher from Simeon’s infant room recently moved up to his current room.  She sees the two of them do something to make the other mad, getting upset, then laughing.  From what I understand, she just looked in bewilderment at the other teacher and shook her head. 

I think that’s about where I’m at too.  Just looking and shaking my head.


  1. Yes, a spanking usually went along with the timeout if we weren’t sitting there like we should be, but then again we didn’t end up there because of hitting or kicking my mom either – each other, maybe =)

    SuperNanny seems to know what she’s doing, and as sucky as it is to have to spend so much time disciplining, I guess you have to or he’ll never take it seriously. Eventually it did sink in to just take it and get it over with instead of throwing a fit, I may have been a teenager by then…

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