Posted by: ppernick | August 30, 2007

Still showing off

He showed his technological prowess again Tuesday night.

Ari was cleaning and rearranging some furniture in the kitchen.  I was getting dinner started.  Simeon had wandered over to the office. 

Actually, wandered isn’t the right word.  I’m pretty darn sure he went there with purpose. 

One of the computers in the office is commonly used for playing music.   One of Simeon’s favorite things.  So, we were only slightly surprised and highly amused when we heard the music start.  I finally reach a point where I can go check on him a few minutes later. He’s happily sitting on the floor in the middle of a bunch of books actively reading one of them. 

He also managed to impress another mom at the daycare when we were checking out the other day.  The daycare uses a touch-screen software application for checking the kids in and out.  I generally pick Simeon up and he pushes all the buttons for me.  Well, except for my passcode.  Though it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he could do that too.

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