Posted by: ppernick | January 3, 2007


Winter made itself more than obvious when the power outage hit.  the floods and ice earlier in the season were apparently too subtle for Ari and me.  During one of our visits home during the darkness, Ari managed to get the pilot light restarted for the fireplace and get the fire going.  However, the living room was still in the summer arrangement.  The long couch was hogging the heat.  So, we spent a few minutes and moved the couches around.  This was apparently a very temporary arrangement.

New Year’s Day was spent working on arranging this room and reutilizing the furniture.


Old arrangement (2005) but this is the piece that was the root of the necessary change.  Big, bulky and took up too much of the room – hiding an entire wall.  It also limited our options since things like windows and the fireplace can’t really move.  Though I can’t say that stopped us from trying every possible arrangement.


No more of any one piece taking up too much space.  We can enjoy the TV and the fireplace. And still room for Simeon to play.  I find it amazing how much that wall inset makes a difference to the appearance of the shelving.  That unit is at least 6 inches taller than the one along the red wall.

Wondering what happened to the other tall piece?

The best idea I had all day.  Just need a few more wicker baskets and it will look even better.  Even Tegan approves… 


Ari’s best idea is a bit hidden.  He had to remove the bottom shelf of the tv stand to get the speaker to fit.  But he used it to hide the nest of cables behind the stand.   

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