Posted by: ppernick | November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving, and Snow

A few days behind, but belated Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Had a wonderful time over here.  We wound up with hosting a total of 10 (including Simeon).  Dinner started with Curried Pumpkin Soup made by B&B. This is the second or third soup of their’s that I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to eat.  Although I only had one serving, I have yet to desire anything less than 3 of any of their soups.  This was followed by delicous Stuffed Mushrooms (from C) and a Chicken salad from M&D.  I didn’t have any of the salad, but there didn’t appear to be too much left over.  Then came the main course – Turkey (carved by me and I) and Tofurkey.  Sides included Ari’s greenbean casserole, stuffing (meat and vegetarian options) and C’s homemade mashed potatoes (with a non-dairy option for me).  After a bit of resting and a few rounds of Wise and Otherwise, we topped the night off with a delicious Pecan Pie – another C creation.

All in all, this was a wonderful thanksgiving, spent with very special family and friends.  For any of you who read my blog – thank you for coming and making this year’s thanksgiving a very well deserved reason to give thanks.


Snow – the other Title-mentioned subject.  Well, it should be snow and ice.  The last couple of nights we’ve gotten a bit of snow.  In fact, I considered working from home yesterday but changed my mind.  Turned out to be the right thing to do.  Slipped a little on my way out of the neighborhood, but I wound up with a migraine and watching Simeon would have been a chore.  At least at work I was able to rest in the breakroom.  Left work a little early and beat the snow.  Which, overnight, turned into a layer of ice – stopped the entire city practically.  Ari took I to the airport this morning.  A 1.5 hour roundtrip drive which wound up taking 3.25 hours.  And apparently a nice view of the car in front of him doing a 540. 

So, I’m at home today with both boys.  Bundled up Simeon and went outside for a bit.  Let him sit in the snow a tiny bit before strolling our way to the supermarket for Milk.  Will get some pictures up soon.

Now, it’s time to get back to work.  To all the other seattelites – enjoy he slipping and sliding! 🙂

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