Posted by: ppernick | November 22, 2006

Sleeping – or lack of

If I had any doubts whatsoever as to what Simeon wants when he wakes at night, they are long gone.  After 4 -5 trips to Simeon’s room last night, I finally gave in and brought him back to bed with me.  We were both asleep again within minutes and neither of us woke until the alarm went off.

Part of the problem is probably a level of attachment to mommy and daddy.  Another part of the problem is laziness on the part of mommy and daddy.  I think a lot of it started soon after the time change and the coldness of winter.  We changed to sheets that neither of us want to leave, and Simeon was still waking at the same time (though now an hour earlier).

I don’t know about Ari, but my thought process became – it’s so close to the time we need to get up, I’ll just bring him back to bed.  MISTAKE!  Over the last week or so, he’s been waking earlier and earlier.  Last night, was my proof that what he wanted was to sleep with mommy.  Me sleeping on the floor of his room was not enough.  I tried putting his plush caterpillar in his crib and playing the classical melody setting.  It helped, but he would wake as soon as it stopped and notice I was no longer there.

So, last night, after 2 days of little sleep and 3 hours of even less, I gave in.  *sigh*  I need to get a simple cd-player with speakers in his room and see if continuous classical music helps.  Talking to Ari this morning, he thinks rocking with him is the first step – get him used to not being in our room and staying in his own.  I think we’re in for a very interesting phase of his life.

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