Posted by: ppernick | October 31, 2006

Words don't describe the feeling

When Simeon first started at the daycare, I was asked to bring in family photos for a collage.  A day or two later, a family collage was taped onto one of the cabinet doors. 

This morning I noticed Simeon standing in front of his collage looking at the pictures.  The head teacher then mentioned that when he gets really tired he goes over to the collage and cries.

As I said above, words don’t do justice to how that makes me feel.

Birthday Shout Out
A day late in posting, but not in calling — Happy Birthday J!  You better not have paid for your birthday dinner. 🙂


  1. That’s it, he’s brilliant. What’s up for Halloween? You better have pics up tonight if you dress him up, I want to see how cute he looks!

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