Posted by: ppernick | November 7, 2006

Campaign Phone Calls

This year, I didn’t vote in the primaries.  Partially because of timing and partially because I hadn’t done any homework on the issues and didn’t want to vote blindly.  However, I discovered that my lack of voting made me a target.

For the last 3-4 weeks, I was getting phone calls from the democratic congressional candidate for my district.  I answered the first one, but didn’t want to talk to them after that – I’d told them what I was going to tell them and I wasn’t going to make a decision on the phone.  Then, they called again.  I wasn’t going to pick up, but Ari wanted to talk to them.  They asked for me.  After listening to their pitch, I put Ari on the phone so he could ask his question(s) (even the guy on the phone tried to keep from laughing out loud when I did that).  Then, within the last couple weeks, I was getting phone calls every couple days.  I made Ari answer the phone as I wasn’t going to talk to them.

On Sunday, I mentioned to Ari that I should be getting a phone call that evening.  Not 10 minutes later the doorbell rang and guess who was calling.  I asked why I was getting all the attention and not my husband.  Apparently, they knew which way he was going to vote.  By not voting in the primary, and not saying either way on the phone, I was still an undecided and therefore I was to be constantly harassed.

Last night, or maybe it was this morning, Ari and I watched yesterday’s episode of Olbermann’s Countdown.  Apparently the republicans are using robo-calls for their political telemarketing and are using them in such a way to make people think it’s the democratic party candidates.  Basically, the message starts off with the name of the democratic candidate and then continues to say negative things about them.  However, most people listen to the name of the candidate and hang up rather than hearing the rest of the call. 

It’s kind of interesting and ironic in a way.  The democrats start copying some of the republican strategies for campaigning and the republicans go the next step and try to beat their own game.  


  1. I don’t answer the phone anymore unless I recognize the phone number (does the no call list mean anything?), but I voted in the primary (which I won’t do again, because then you have to pick a party to vote with) and still got a ton of calls. President Clinton left a message on my machine =)

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