Posted by: ppernick | September 26, 2006

L'Shana Tovah

Literally translated – to the head of the year.  This weekend was the beginning of the year 5767 of the Jewish calendar. On day 10 of the new year is Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement.  This 10-day span allows us a grace period to atone for all the sins we committed (knowingly or not) during this past year before the book of life is sealed for the year.  So, to anybody that I haven’t apologized to – if I have said or done anything that hurt or offended you, “I’m Sorry”.  I’m not always good with confronting others when I have issues, but I have no problem with others coming to me – so by all means come by if you feel we have some air to clean.

Along with this period of atonement comes reflection (which, as I noted last time, I’ve been doing a lot of recently).  Always around this time of year, I begin to look at the level of Judaism I maintain in my everyday life and always find myself saying I want more.  It’s easy to say I want to do more, but I haven’t acted on it as much as I’d really like to.  So, this year I hope to set more realistic expectations.  Rather than preparing to jump into the deep-end of the pool, here’s hoping that I’ll be swimming in the baby pool with Simeon this time next year.

Birthday Shout Out
And last, but certainly not least I’d like to wish Ben ‘happy birthday!’

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