Posted by: ppernick | September 22, 2006


That was my time in the Kirkland Tri-iT last weekend.  0:12:39 for the swim, 1:22:11 for the bike and 0:50:18 for the run (which I had to pretty much walk…after attempting a jog with 1/4 mile left to go, my knees/shins cramped up – tho when I saw Ari and Simeon right before the finish line I sucked it up :).  I didn’t really prepare like I should have[1][2][3] so I can’t complain for coming in 130 out of 132.  The main thing is that I completed my 2 goals:  finish the race, but not in last.

I do think I want to do more of these…I just have to figure out how/when to train appropriately.

The other thing on my mind recently…reflection.  Next week I turn 30 – wow!  I’m not depressed about it in anyway, just find myself thinking about where I am and where I thought I would be.  I do find it interestsing that I’ve reached a point where I can’t think of anything I really want other than time to myself or something like a massage or spa treatment.  Whenever I’m asked what I want for a gift (be it birthday, anniversary, or holiday) it becomes something for the house or for Simeon.  Ari and Simeon do a good job fulfilling my needs.

Simeon Stuff
I know I posted all about him yesterday but I have to share (and I get the feeling nobody will mind in the slightest)…he’s full-fledged crawling!  Last night, Ari and I were talking and out of the corner of my eye I see him shuffling along on 4 limbs.  I interrupted Ari midspeech and said look down.  He looked down and started to ask what when he noticed Simeon racing along the floor on hands and knees toward him.  I asked the daycare this morning if they’d seen him crawling yesterday and they said no.  Yay!!  I have to say I’m really happy we got to see him crawl before the daycare staff :).  I expect he’ll be walking in a month or so at the rate he’s been pulling up and pushing things.

Birthday Shout Out
Happy Birthday Aunt C! 🙂 

[1] Training prep:  I did great practicing for the swim, but that was about it.  Biked up a steep hill in my neighborhood 2 or 3 times (no more than 3 miles total) and only practiced jogging once.  Never did I train more than one event in one session. 

[2] Equipment prep:  I trained on my bike but used Ari’s because it is lighter.  Wish I had remembered that my seat is extra-cushioned with shock absorbers and his is not.  I also should not have bothered with the camelback on the run…I was just thirsty by that point though.

[3] Clothing prep:  After itching like crazy when I did the treadmill with a wet swimsuit, I wound up quickly getting out of the suit between swim and bike.  That lost me a lot of time in the transition and left me with absolutely no padding on Ari’s bike.  A wetsuit probably would have fixed that problem, or at least some biker shorts that could dry quickly.

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