Posted by: ppernick | September 12, 2006

'Disgusted and Disappointed'

That’s the response from Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors conservation group, and I whole-heartedly agree. 

At least 10 stingrays have been slain since “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin was killed by one of the fish…

Imagine feeling boxed into a corner.  There are two creatures coming toward you.  One with a machine attached to its shoulder and head and shining a bright light in your face.  There’s nowhere to turn.  There’s only one way to protect yourself and you lash out.  You only mean to express your fear.  But your one punch hits a pressure point.  Both creatures are stunned.  One moves slowly as it pushes your hand away before falling down in a heap.

Would it be appropriate for these creatures to begin searching for and killing your species?  Is revenge that sweet that people think it will all be better if we rid the world of a species with the ability to kill – even if only in self-defense?

I feel fortunate to have been swimming with stingrays in the South Pacific while Ari and I were on our honeymoon.  I remember feeling quite nervous about getting into the water, but they were very peaceful and pretty much ignored me.  They swam about, quite willing to play – especially with the guide who had food for them.  They even gave him a kiss to show their appreciation.  Their tails are long and sharp, but their bodies are smooth and silky.  Amazing creatures who don’t deserve to be treated unfairly.

By all means mourn for a man who has contributed greatly to the education of wildlife.  I recently watched a clip of the Croc Hunter crying when he found one of his beloved crocodiles dead.  I can only imagine how he would respond if he knew people were killing stingrays in his name.


  1. People are very good at doing stupid things in response to sad events.


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