Posted by: ppernick | August 28, 2006

This Is

This is one of my favorite pictures from this weekend.  I was going for just a nice shot of the path, but the shadows in the sunlight just look so cool to me. 

When Ari started his paternity leave he had planned to do some nice photography with our digital SLR.  Then, his leave was over and he didn’t know where it had gone.  Maybe I should look into it.  I love finding different shots like this.  While we take a lot of pictures (as my cousin pointed out to me last weekend), I’m trying for quality and not quantity – hoping that I might go back through my photos and find the gem.  The ‘different’ one.  It just so happens that I get snap-happy as I try to find it.

I have definitely gotten braver about snapping photos since the digital camera came.  No more worrying how many pictures are left on the camera or how much it will cost to develop them (only to find half of them should be deleted).  Now, I just shoot.  If I run out of space, I go back through and delete as necessary. 

I really need to start printing out pictures and making books.  If I can find the time, maybe I’ll pickup scrapbooking.  In fact, I’ve also been longing to find that creative writing side of myself again.  I think the last thing I wrote was my incomplete song for Ari – part of which is immortalized on our chupah[1].  Maybe a combination of scrapbooking and storytelling or poetry is what the doctor orders…

Simeon Stuff
He’s pulling himself up more and more.  As quick as he can be on all fours, I’m getting nervous what happens once he can pull himself up and move.

I believe yogurt (specifically blueberry yogurt) is one of Simeon’s new favorite foods.  Went by Costco yesterday – a virtual buffet for Simeon.  Perfect portion sizes for him and so much to choose from.  He loved the gogurt.  He was quite upset when it was gone…and that was after having his and mine.  I just bought a bunch of baby yogurt (since it has full fat milk) but I may purchase some of this stuff in the near future.  Could be a really nice thing to have on a hike.  Freeze it beforehand and it’ll thaw out during the hike.

[1] I’m in a sharing mood today:

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