Posted by: ppernick | August 24, 2006

New York Trip

Well, we survived the airports – though I had to mail Simeon’s teether back home from SeaTac and he demanded multiple tours of the airplane on the way home.  At least we learned from our last trip and had direct flights each way.  Our luggage made it safe and sound – though we arrived at JFK airport so early our 3 suitcases were the last ones off the plane.

I worried before the trip that I would offend somebody for not allowing enough time with Simeon.  As I expected, I think worried more than necessary.

I’m also happy to say that I didn’t break our camera as I initially thought.  Simeon fell forward from a sitting position on the bed and in a motherly reflex to stop him from falling off the bed, I threw the camera down.  Being on and ready to shoot, the lens bent and would not retract; nor would it take any pictures.  I don’t regret the move, but I did feel bad that we couldn’t use that camera the rest of the trip.  However, I fiddled with it a bit last night and managed to straighten the lens and get the camera to start responding to the power button.  This morning, Ari rebooted the camera (took out the battery and put it back in) and it’s now taking pictures again as well.  Yay!! Now we just have to offload the pictures from our two cameras and get them up.

Now we prepare for the next couple months of visits.  Ari’s dad will be in town over Labor Day weekend, Ari’s mom and her friend come in early October, and my parents will be in town late October.  Looks like it’s time to start planning the birthday parties :).

Simeon Stuff
I think Simeon got his hands on a baby development book and read the list of what he should do by 12 months.  While in New York for 5 – 6 days, he accomplished the following:

Clapping:  it’s so cute!  Open-handed clapping.
Pulling up: especially on mommy and daddy.  He enjoys climbing all over us and trying to stand up.
Sitting up: laying on the bed he pulled himself to a sitting position.  Apparently he was sitting up when my in-laws went to get him after his nap.
Self feeding: he had just started to self-feed big foods before we left, but he is now getting pretty good at cheerios too.  Boy did he eat well this trip.  So many new foods and so many explosions to prove it :).

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