Posted by: ppernick | March 21, 2006

Staying Afloat

Well, I’m trying to anyway.  Work is keeping me quite busy and I have no one to help me right now.  Just finished testing one project, in the middle of testing another, and two more projects are starting to test this week…one of which I’m already a day late to start.  We’ve gotten to the point of looking for a temp-to-hire type person…somebody to just help take some of the load off my shoulders even if they don’t have much experience at all.  I’ll be interviewing 2 people for that position this week as well another interview for the Sr. QA position.  Hopefully I will soon be less wary of my rowboat tipping over.

Tegan Time
She hasn’t been participating in bath time as much, but still watches over Simeon.  I tend to use the hair dryer (lowest setting) on his hair…partially cuz I think he likes the noise, and partially because watching Tegan is so amusing.  As soon as it starts, she just glares at it.  Then, after a minute or so, she’ll start to swipe at the warm air.  Even after I turn it off and lay it down, she just stares at it, making sure it doesn’t move again.  At least she doesn’t run away when I aim it at her now. 

Simeon Stuff
Originally, I was thinking of starting solids a week or two ago.  However, if we wanted to do mealtime right, we wanted to make sure he could sit and eat at the table like us adults. So this weekend we made a high chair purchase.  Last week, I saw the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair and really liked it — all the features of a full-sized high chair but small and compact.


  • Height Adjustments
  • Multiple Recline Positions; tray adjusts to remain level 
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • Machine-washable, wipeable pad
  • 3- to 5-point restraint system
  • Holds up to 50 lbs and turns into a booster seat

Of course, like I do with most things, now that we bought it, I’m seconding guessing my purchase.  Did I really need to worry about the space of a big chair?  Should I be worried that it’s so new that there aren’t many reviews on it?  Will it be sturdy enough to withstand an infant and a toddler? Well, I just read through the reviews on Target’s site. After 10 reviews, this chair has a perfect 5-star rating – including reviews from parents of children ranging from 5 months old to 2 years old.  And I can actually relate to the last review on the page:

“We saw this one as soon as it became available and bought it based on the description and the way it looked. I was a little hesitant that there were no reviews, but decided to give it a shot…”

Let’s see how it goes.  The box was light enough, that this may be an option to take with us when we go out to eat rather than use the high chairs with no back. 

updated: 3/21/2006

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