Posted by: ppernick | March 31, 2006

Getting Behind…

It’s been longer than I anticipated between postings…

I see a skylight in the tunnel – not quite the end of the tunnel, but there’s definitely light.  Help is arriving in QA in a couple weeks…the offer has been accepted.  And, on top of that, a coworker is doing a second screen for the other position; so, in a couple weeks the QA department should be up to 3 people…woohoo!

Simeon Stuff
The latest Simeon feat is his ability to sit up! 

He can’t quite get there by himself, but he does have balance.  In fact, if I lay him on his back, he immediately tries to sit up and gets pissed off when he can’t get there.  It definitely makes diaper changing interesting…only to become more so when he does figure out how to do this solo.

Ari put the high chair together last night, so hopefully soon we’ll be able to have a go with the rice cereal.  Can’t say Simeon was excited to be in the chair last night tho.  We tried putting him there with some toys on the tray while we finished making our dinner and I think it was too similar to being in the carseat…if it isn’t going to move, he shouldn’t need to be in and buckled.

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