Posted by: ppernick | January 25, 2006


Today was long.  We met the surgeon, nurse practitioner, social worker and anasthesiologist.  The surgeon gave us a much more detailed description of the actual surgery and answered many of our questions and concerns.  The nurse practitioner basically gave him a full physical and answered our questions about recovery.  The social worker is there to help families with emotional support and wanted to meet us.  Then, after getting some blood drawn, we met the anastesiologist who gave a detailed description of everything they will need to do to get him ready for surgery.  All-in-all a sobering day.  The reality is there, I’m sufficiently nervous about tomorrow and the days after, but comfortable with the doctors I met and feel he will be in good care.

Today, Simeon did wonderfully – flirting with every female he came in contact with.  It wasn’t as bad for him as I thought it would be and hopefully he will have a good night and I will see him all safe and sound in ICU tomorrow afternoon (even if it doesn’t necessarily look that way on the surface).

Well, he sounds to be calling me now, so I’ll have to finish this post later.  Thank you to everybody who is thinking of us and I’ll be sure to let everybody know how it goes.

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