Posted by: ppernick | January 24, 2006

Lucky in Love

The other night Ari and I went to a friends’ for a blind wine tasting and I discovered a couple things.  Deborah is very good at determing the alcohol content in a bottle of wine and I am extremely lucky to have found and married Ari. 
Many people spend years looking for that special someone and still are never quite sure they’ve found them.  I discovered Saturday, not for the first time, that Ari is my special someone.  After the tasting of wines had finished, a deck of “conversation cards” were pulled out and we all decided to play.  Everybody took a card and we went around the room – each person answering the question on their card and generating a small discussion.  Ari wound up with “what question have you not had the courage to ask your partner” (or something close to that) and could not think of an answer.  So, I started trying to think of question I’m burning to ask Ari but never asked…and I still can’t think of one.  It is so nice to know that Ari and I have such an open and honest relationship that we aren’t afraid to ask each other anything.  It’s comforting to know that I have somebody with whom I can easily let down my guard.  It’s wonderful to realize that my husband and my best friend are the same person. 
Yeah, a sappy kind of post, but my thoughts have been centered on my family recently. 
Simeon Stuff
Well…tomorrow is pre-op day and I expect Simeon to be pissed off with us tomorrow afternoon.  I think the reality and gravity of the situation is finally starting to sink in.  I’m glad my dad and my mother-in-law are here with us and it’s comforting to know that so many others are thinking and praying for us.  Thank you everyone.

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