Posted by: ppernick | January 20, 2006

In the news

I feel like I should update, but I don’t know what to write.  So, instead I decided to see if there was any interesting weird news to point to.  I actually found a couple interesting articles…
Mystery man visits Poe’s gravesite:  Some mystery man has been paying tribute to Edgar Allan Poe for 57 straight years.  This is now drawing spectators, some of whom seem to find it more important to expose the guy than to just let the tribute continue.
Hamster, snake make a strange pair: Aohan,a rat snake, apparently didn’t like eating frozen mice, so zookeepers tried giving him fresh food — a dwarf hamster.  The dwarf hamster now has the name Gohan (meaning “meal” in Japanese) and has become Aohan’s roommate.
Pluto mission lifts off after days of delay:  Not weird news, but interesting as it is.  NASA launched a plutonium powered probe on Thursday that will send back pictures of Pluto in 9.5 years.
Simeon Stuff
Last weekend we spent the evening with Deb, Sam and Jacob.  Now that Simeon has seen Jacob sitting up, it seems that’s the cool thing to do.  He can’t sit up on his own yet, but he quiets down if you hold him in the position.  Then, yesterday we visited the cardiologist and discovered Simeon’s weight gain is slowed down since last visit (dropping from 25th percentile to 10th percentile).  Simeon apparently wasn’t happy with this news and has been eating all day.  And here I was hoping to get a good supply formy 15 hour day tomorrow.  Not only did we use extra yesterday when I was feeling sick, but now we may end up going through what supply we have.

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